Monthly Archives: August 2011

This is like the best thing I’ve ever made

I accidentally made the most delicious thing ever. I had to take a picture. “Wait, Anne,” you say, “How did you know this was the best thing ever at the point when you took this picture of uneaten food?” “Well,” … Continue reading

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Raw Food Night

Last week I hosted a raw food potluck at my house. It came about after speaking with a few friends about raw food, and how we were intrigued and curious to see if we could make stuff taste as good … Continue reading

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Disemployment Update

I’ve had that question quite a bit in the last couple months of my disemployment¬†(unemployment sounds so¬†desperate). It’s a fair question, as most of you spend at least 40 hours of your week doing things that you probably wouldn’t do … Continue reading

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