And this is where I write about kale

Kale is a wonderful food. You can dress your salads with it, and it won’t get soggy and limp like lettuce. AND it gives you super powers. I’m up to my neck in kale these days. My community garden plot is going nuts! Check this out!

Also, I’m part of a CSA, or community supported agriculture. A woman from Savuie Island delivers a few bags of produce from her farm to my house each Thursday. I have no idea how this is financially feasible for her, it only costs me about $15 for this much produce each week. I’m not sure this photo even does it justice, you can’t see the herbs and such.

Oh, kale, right. I’ll just post photos. I eat greens in about every meal. I really have to in order to use all of this stuff. For breakfast, I either have eggs and vegetables, or a kale smoothie. I just toss kale, a banana, milk, and ice into the blender. You can add whatever else in there that you like. Say, for example, you are feeling like a dirty hippy, you can use almond milk and some flax seeds. It’s up to you.

I pack my lunch for work each day. It tends to be a salad with tons of neat stuff on it. I might get tired of this someday, but it hasn’t happened yet. My favorite dressing is a basic aioli, of mayoniasse (I use vegannaise) lemon juice, garlic, and salt/pepper.

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2 Responses to And this is where I write about kale

  1. sarah says:

    Hurray!!!! LOVE KALE smoothies!

  2. joyce parmeter says:

    The pictures are gorgeous!

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