I’ve been doing too much.


This picture is unrelated to this post.

This picture is unrelated to this post.

So I’ve decided that I want to do everything, and do it all at the same time. I’m totally overwhelmed. Once I finally got acclimated with the whole “job” thing, I looked around and realized that everyone around me is doing amazing stuff, and I’m kinda just working. My friend Kevin, for example, is flying around the world for a photo project, taking pictures of people like Ann Curry and Sam Adams. Other friends are writing books or performing music.

A couple months ago, I started writing with my neighbors periodically. They were working on a sitcom about our apartment building, and I managed to get into their writing circle. We came up with some other ideas for short video clips that we wanted to put on youtube, mostly about our own neighbors. This project has been on hold because they actually got funding from Levi’s to do a real-ish movie.

I decided that it was time to do something. Something for me. So I became involved in absolutely every board and committee in my company. And there are lots of boards and committees. We recently had an Employee Engagement survey, and I think I might win the survey. Maybe I’ll get a plaque or something. Or maybe they’ll give me a demotion because they know I won’t leave.

I’ve been enjoying my work, but wanted a portfolio builder, so I decided that I need to write an app. Because, you know, apps. I barely understand what they do, and what better way to learn than to do. So I’m working with a colleague in our free time (before work, lunch time, and weekends) on a kanji learning app. Organizing the content in a logical way has been the main hurdle so far, since there are about a billion kanji. (I don’t actually know how many there are. See how this is problematic?)

I also joined a kickball league, have a community garden, and applied to serve on a board of directors for a nonprofit. And I’m the unofficial videographer for a running club.

Here’s my problem. I want to do all the things, but there aren’t actually hours in the day for this. I counted. This was a great exercise for me, because I learned that I could probably get more organized and fit everything in if I tried. Like I could work in time with family if I removed work, for example. Or I could totally get that Hash video edited if I quit sleeping.

Commitments in each 24 hour period
Work 9
Sleep 9
Commute 1
Exercise 1
Showering, looking awesome 0.5
Grocery shopping, meal preparation 1
Eating 1
App development 1
Socializing 1
House projects, cleaning 0.5
Professional development reading 1
Total: 26 hours
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6 Responses to I’ve been doing too much.

  1. Kirstin says:

    Dang! Something has GOT to give. I suggest work, as work is overrated anyway.
    But seriously, you need to watch some Fraggle Rock to understand the predicament in which you find yourself. You are a human being, not a human-doing. More Fraggle, less Doozer!

  2. Ingrid says:

    I suggest that you work 6.5 hours, not 9. When others are wondering how much you actually work, and spend the time counting, they get lost around 6 or so. Plus they will give you the benefit of the doubt if they are CLOSE to 8, but not sure about that last hour.
    And I would spend less time on looking awesome, that way you can zero in on the people who really like you (with minimal effort to yourself). Those people who expect clean hair and clothes are WAY too high maintenance and won’t do well in an anti-utopian scenario. Screw them. Viola! I just gained you 3 hours a day!

  3. Joe says:

    I didn’t know people slept 9 hours a day still. You could get at least a few hours right there.

  4. joyce parmeter says:

    Consolidate some…. don’t you ride your bike to work and isn’t that exercise? The socializing (that was a socializing picture at the top of this blog?) looks like a certain amount of exercise, at least there seemed to be some pain involved. Professional development can realistically fit into that 9 (NINE!!!) hours at work. In fact, why do you work 9 hours a day? Don’t mess with the nine hours for sleep….that’s your best beauty product.

  5. anne says:

    Ah, glad we could all agree on something 🙂 I actually started cutting some things out of my schedule. It’s been nice. I had a really quiet week.

  6. sarah says:

    I didn’t know you were a 9-hr sleeper! I am too, and no one seems to get it. I HAVE to get my nine hours (if not at once, then a nap is needed for sure!). Plus, that is why you only need .5 hours to stay looking awsome and shower. Don’t cut back on sleep! 🙂

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