Ingrid is trying to win the internet.

Ingrid keeps making me look bad. Now I have to write in my blog, because she has three times as many children as me, and I have no excuse to not be writing more.

I’m going to start small, and maybe it’ll inspire me to get on here more often. Speaking of small, check out my babies! I’m starting lettuces, beets, and some herbs for my community garden. The flowers are for my patio garden, which I’ll need to feature in a future post.IMG_2016

I covered my garden plot with some cardboard a few months ago in hopes of keeping the grass down. It was actually really effective. I’m rarely met with such successful outcomes in life. I would love to win at the community garden, but a more realistic goal is to have fewer people look at my ploy and say, “Is anyone gardening in this space?”

Sheet Mulching for people who are too lazy to brush their teeth. Let alone sheet mulch properly.

Sheet Mulching for people who are too lazy to brush their teeth. Let alone sheet mulch properly.

I’m also volunteering with an organization called Growing Gardens. Because I’m amazing at gardening. This organization gathers volunteers to install vegetable gardens in low income homes. It’s incredibly popular, I want to get more active with them. I don’t have a picture of this, just imagine me and a bunch of awesome young people covered in dirt.

I still want to guerrilla garden. On that note, check out this TED talk. You’ll laugh, if you have any sense.



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  1. joyce parmeter says:

    Community gardens are great! Helping older folks get into gardening is also incredibly worthwhile. I’m always very aware of the “higher” level of health one seems to observe in gardening circles. I’m just sorry that back when we were in St. John’s I didn’t have or didn’t take the time to learn more from an old Italian neighbor who was constantly gardening. One day my quilting group was gathered out on the patio and them gasped in amazement when Mike removed his shirt and exposed his gorgeous 80 year old body. His vegetables were lovely too.

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