I’m in Japan!

I decided on a whim to go to Japan. I actually got the ticket just a few days before departing. I use google flights, it compares the best rates online and you can mess with a bunch of variables in order to get the fewest connections and best rate. Too many people in my life spend too much time in airports. Don’t do it.


That’s an example for a trip to Rome, for example. I highlighted the flight that I think would be the best. It’s not the cheapest one, but you save 5 hours of flight time, and have one fewer stop! More stops equals more odds that you’ll be spending the night on the floor of an airport when you miss a connection. If I had an extra 5 hours in airports, I would just end up spending the $50 on overpriced beer anyway. 

Anyway, I’m in Japan! I’m working remotely this week. My friend Amy still lives here in Kobe, so I’m working from her apartment during the day, then going out at night! Last night I met up with my local hash, it was nice to see everyone.

I woke up at about 5am today, the sun comes up way too early here. I’m drinking instant coffee with reduced fat milk in it, which represents everything that makes me sad about the world. I’m going to buy Amy some real coffee and fat milk today. I think she lives on gummy vitamins.

It’s fun to be back and speaking Japanese. I need to do it more often. I also need to work remotely more often, this is way easier than I thought it would be! I work really early in the morning, then really late. That gives me the mid-day (when people back in Oregon are asleep) to go out and adventure. I think this might be the perfect work schedule…

I have 3.5 days left of my trip. I think I’ll wander more in Kobe today, then go out with friends tonight. I’m thinking of trying to understand Japanese whiskey. It’s supposed to be good, and I think I would look cool drinking it, like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

I’ll definitely wander into Osaka on Saturday, and probably eat lots of fried food and buy some absurd heels. Let me know if you want something from Japan, pasticularly if it is small enough to fit in say a pocket. Or an evelope.

I’m so tired.

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3 Responses to I’m in Japan!

  1. joyce parmeter says:

    You’re so right! If you really shop around some of the so called bargains don’t look so good. I’m always amazed to see that some of the flights that take twice as long are often considerably more even. It’s good to hear of your travels….. I have the itch and want to go someplace. Maybe I’ll show up in one of the hostels on the Camino when you are there!

  2. joyce parmeter says:

    Actually, that comment was directed at the latest post on air fare…. sometimes I re read your posts if you haven’t been sharing…..

  3. Joyce Parmeter says:

    I thought you were back from Japan already…. who was that person that went to Spain?

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