Sometimes I make cute things

I saw a TED talk yesterday about jumping on impulses within 5 seconds of the thought popping into your head, because we won’t particularly be motivated to do hard things magically. Like, no one says, “I’m psyched to go for this run/do my taxes/fix the floorboards,” and it’s easy to think it’ll be easier tomorrow, when actually it will never be easy. Anyway, it just popped into my head that I really need to update this blog. So here you go.

Last night I hosted my girlfriends for dinner. I generally kind of make the same few dishes, and wanted to push myself to try something new, so I followed Uncle Ricks curried squash recipe from Thanksgiving last year, but instead of acorn squash, I stuffed the curry into mini pumpkins. Because that’s super cute, right? I failed to take a picture at the time, but one of my girlfriends took one and posted it on

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3 Responses to Sometimes I make cute things

  1. Joyce Parmeter says:

    That is super cute and tasty looking too. The “except” is also one item….. I have found that substituting more than half of the ingredients generally doesn’t work….. Are those little pumpkins hard to find?

  2. anne says:

    The little pumpkins were delivered in my CSA, but I see them everywhere too!

  3. Joyce Parmeter says:

    Just a note to remind you that it’s been close to half a year since your last entry…. of course, there are others who are doing worse and if production was based on a curve, you would still be passing.

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