Brazen Artsiness

I volunteered again.  I keep telling myself to let someone else do it, but I have these moments where I wonder if there IS anyone else out there, and then I volunteer myself.  It is a dumb problem.  It probably means I should get a job.

Right now I am in the throes of completing 18 class projects for grades K through 6th that will be auctioned off in February.  It has been a source of stress and joy.  I have found that I love coming up with project ideas, but maybe don’t like coordinating volunteers so much.  Or rather, I sort of like coordinating volunteers, but I want all the volunteers to be JUST LIKE ME.  I just want them to run with their jobs and make all their own decisions, but really many volunteers need a little more guidance than that.  Although I do know how to do some things, a lot of things I just make up as I go.  Suddenly people expect me to actually know how to do the things that I am handing off to them as volunteers.  I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I sometimes feel like saying, “Don’t you realize that I just made this thing up?  Why don’t you just take a piece of paper home, try it out and see what happens?”.  But it is clear to me that being an artist requires a lot of bravery.  Sometimes you just launch in and see what happens.  I don’t always have that bravery, but I have a huge dose of stupidity and brazenness that carries me pretty far.

Here is the first completed project.  These are garden art poles created by a 3rd grade class.  I got a ton of help from a very competent artist in town which made the whole thing fun.  I’m pretty happy with them.

garden art poles

And here is the ENTIRE kindergarten (4 classes) project all in one.  It isn’t completed yet.  The pieces need to be mounted on a beautiful piece of wood.  I am also pleased with how this came out, but eager to wrap it up in its entirety.  Ceramic quilt, anyone?


Hopefully my efforts will net a big chunk of cash for Beach School, unlike the stupid chicken coop that I helped the 4th grade build 2 years ago!

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  1. Devra

    Love the animal poles. I need to go to this auction! When is it?

    January 16th, 2014

  2. Wendy

    lovely things…the problem with just handing art volunteers things is that many of them (like me) don’t feel like they can just try it. We have been coloring within the lines too long….

    January 17th, 2014

  3. Deanne

    Love the ceramic quilt! The garden poles are very charming!

    January 21st, 2014

  4. Kirstin

    The Art-Kabobs are amazing! ; )

    January 23rd, 2014

  5. Anne

    I might borrow this: “I don’t always have that bravery, but I have a huge dose of stupidity and brazenness that carries me pretty far.”

    January 23rd, 2014

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