Owl Wall Hanging (5th grade art project)

I just finished the owl wall hanging for the 5th grade.  They sewed the individual owls; I just attached them to the fabric.  And made the tree.  And cursed as I poked myself with pins from the unattached owls while attaching other owls.  It took days of cursing before I went and got the iron-on tape and tacked them in place with that while I sewed.  This may be a metaphor for my life.
owl wall hangingThis was a fun project to do with the class.  They were so excited about talking about their sewing experiences and eager to make their owls the best they could be…. even though they knew they weren’t keeping any of them.  These kids were downright inspiring really.

Most helpful with this project was that the classroom volunteer did much of the footwork and set up.  It is pretty great when someone is willing to run to the fabric store for you.  My friend Pam took this on and was really nice to work with.  I like doing cooperative art.  I think I like sitting around talking design with people.

I really hope and pray that someone bids on this at the auction, but I also know that I can’t get discouraged if no one does.  This particular class has a lot of students whose parents don’t even come to the auction.  They are sort of priced out of that type of activity, which is a shame for many reasons…. too many for commentary here.

It’s weird working on these auction projects.  I want them to go for a lot because I am putting so much time and care into them.  At the same time, I realize that I need to let go of the outcome.  This may be a metaphor for my life too.


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