DIY Ziplines

It was suggested that we might have a zip line running from the top floor of our studio to our yard (eeeek!).  It’s an easy thing to contemplate when you don’t have to make good on the construction.  I can imagine a line from the lower deck to the yard where there won’t be as far to drop, but from the upper deck….. oh Lord.

The kids couldn’t wait though, and Francis had an idea and the motivation to walk 4 blocks to the hardware store to buy a pulley to make a zip line from one tree to another in a neighbor’s yard.  It was an impressive effort, although the actual “ride” looked terrifying and disappointingly short.  The kids seem happy with it though.  Inez had the bright idea that everyone should wear helmets, which I liked.


The brave engineer gives it a first ride.


Kale (the neighbor kid with crazy motor skills) hops on from the branch and zooms on down. All the kids in the ‘hood are in line to ride.


Lily prefers the “towel method”, which is what the kids used before Francis took off for the hardware store.


It is sort of scary to make the first launch.


Just like in Costa Rica!


Inez is too freaked to do it. Just after this picture, she falls right out of the tree.

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  1. Mom

    Wow! What fun! Francis at one point said she wanted one out here from the deck running down to the field…… does she have no fear?

    April 24th, 2014

  2. Maria B.

    That’s fantastic. I want a ride!

    I like the idea of one at the Gisily Pomus.

    May 16th, 2014

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