Phew! That’s Better!

So, I do learn things in my life (every now and then), and I am capable of admitting that I was wrong (sometimes).  This week I learned that I really need to trust my dad a whole lot more.  As the eyebrow roof went on and the back walkway was framed with lovely beams, it became apparent that our remodel is going to look AWESOME.  How could I have worried that my dad would make my house ugly?  Sheesh!

The front of the house looks a lot more in scale with the eyebrow roof.  It is funny how it looks a bit wonky to the eye because the weather sheathing isn’t straight.  Don’t worry folks!  The roof is straight.  The big opening will have two huge carved doors.  Can’t wait for that!


I was pleased that I was able to sink a glazed tile in the entryway before the concrete dried.  It was a small victory that made the slab more mine.

This is a view looking into the studio (standing in the front door opening).  From here you can see storage under our stair and where we intend to hang bikes.  The kiln will go in the left hand corner (not visible).  The back door is going to the back deck and the kitchen entrance to our house.IMG_0312

Here is the view back from the backyard.  You can see the stairs up to the sun deck and the sauna off to the right.  I am really looking forward to the back covered deck area.  It is sort of a pass-through area, but I imagine that I will spend a lot of time there during the rainy weather.  I have to put myself in time-out sometimes, so it will be excellent to be able to still the rage within without being rained on.

Yes, the stairs do look like a massive slide right now.  I assure you that they will eventually be stairs.  Right now we just have the water-proofing membrane.

Funny story— last weekend I climbed up here barefoot (using chimney rock-climbing techniques).  Once on top, I saw some small pools of water and started pushing them around to see if the deck really would drain down the “slide”.  Only then I realized that I had made my surface completely impassable, and to try to go back down the slide would mean a broken neck.  I was trapped upstairs and had to knock on the upstairs window to get back in the house.IMG_0317

This area looks sooooooo pretty!  I am going to find some pretty lights for it too.IMG_0318

But back upstairs—here is the view towards the front street.IMG_0320

And here is the view back towards our house.  Just think, I will be able to clean that sky light now!IMG_0322

Things are moving right along around here.  Round about July or August, we expect to have a giant party to celebrate our new addition…..not so ugly after all!

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  1. Anne

    Wow, this is SO EXCITING! I am so excited.

    May 29th, 2014

  2. Maria B.

    Wow! This is terrific, Ingrid!

    And I’ve never seen your Dad do anything but the most wonderful work.

    May 29th, 2014

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