Best Birthday Ever Walks all over Busy Month

The end of April and all of May kicked our asses in about 12 different ways.  We had three birthdays in our house, one First Communion, a myriad of final projects for both kids and me, dance recitals, violin recitals, volunteer events, extra classes to teach and one funeral thrown in for good measure.  May was crazy and I was happy to see it go.

One thing that was sort of sweet to see go was another year for my eldest.  Francis turned 11 in May and had (in her words) “the best birthday ever!”.  Brad and I agreed that “the best birthday ever” seems to be something that has not much to do with being around adults.  In addition, her friends are getting more emotionally mature too, so there was less drama and more fun, which is always a good thing.  “Best birthday ever” involved having three friends over to our house to meet up, drinking fancy pomegranate juice with orange wedges and sparkling water.  They tried to play the My Little Pony game that Francis invented.  I don’t know how successful they were, but her friends were impressed that she invented a game and gave her all sorts of compliments for her efforts.IMG_0326 Next stop, pedicures.  These girls are all WONDERFUL people, but a couple of them are way high-energy, so I worried about them being too crazy for the salon.  I needn’t have worried.  They were nearly silent in the salon—-wowed by the experience I think!IMG_0332 IMG_0329

At the end, the girls all had pretty, super-bright toes.IMG_0335

I took their cute toes and dropped them off on North Mississippi where they got ice cream and walked around looking at the shops.  I had a few moments of worry, not that they would be unsafe on their own, but that they might be obnoxious.  Then it occurred to me that it is a big world out there, full of lots of people; some far more obnoxious than four 11 year olds “out on the town”.  A little obnoxiousness will serve these girls well in this world where you sometimes have to yell a little to not get stepped on.  And so, on Francis’ 11th birthday, I say, “Go forth and be obnoxious my dear child!”


“Okay, Mom!”

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