I have had a week completely free of children…. at least my children.  It has been incredibly freeing.  The days have seemed longer, I have gotten more done and yet felt more relaxed.  It has been a truly wonderful time.  If only the house was empty of PEOPLE, then it would be perfect.  Anyone who knows anything about our lives right now knows that tale though, so I will skip the whining.  Focusing on the positive—- I have been free of my children for the longest stretch in 11 years.  Awesome.

I had two goals for this time:

One was to refinish a crappy bench that I dragged home from the street corner a couple blocks away.  I realize that dragging free furniture home sort of went out of style as bedbugs became more common, but this seemed like a pretty marginal risk.  The bench had a fake leather cushion and a tacky stain job.  A couple days of very boring sanding and $12 in fabric later, I have this sweet addition:


It looks pretty good in our house… not bad for a free bench made of sort of low-quality wood.  Of course, no amount of sanding and attention was going to make that wood beautiful, but it is passable.


Second goal was to watch World Cup in the middle of the day.  Devra popped in to join me during her lunch time.  It was pretty awesome to hang out in the German pub and watch England play Uraguay.  Poor England though.

IMG_0453 IMG_0452

It is not so much that I am a huge soccer fan, but the World Cup inspires something in me.  I feel like it is time to be a global citizen or something, and I want to go out and be around people who are excited about something.  And I guess it seems very crazy and free to go drink beer in the middle of the day.  The only bad thing about that is that you need a big nap afterwards.  Life is so hard, but I AM on vacation, right?  And it all ends Sunday.

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