Gotta Make It All Fit!

The kids and I take off tomorrow on a 5 day back-packing trip in the Trinity Alps area of Northern California.  I am working on the very daunting task of cramming days worth of food, clothing and supplies into our packs.  This follows the shopping frenzy of this last week—–what do we need and how much?  How could you have grown out of those Keens already?!

What with an extra human who can’t carry much (Inez) and not bringing along our pack horse (Brad), I am at a loss as to how to make it all go.  Luckily that Francis can really haul.  She isn’t here with us for me to test the weight she’s carrying though, so I am trying to err on the side of under-loading her.IMG_0464 It is always sort of confusing to do the multi-trip pack.  We have things for on the trail and then things for the 4 days off the trail afterwards, and needless to say, they are not the same things.  Once in civilization, you will not catch me dead wearing zip-off pants!  Now how do I make this beer fit?IMG_0465Wish us luck!


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