A Place In the Choir

I just finished up doing music at my church’s Bible Camp for the 5th year in a row.  This year was really quick somehow.  I feel the same familiar exhaustion as previous years, but the week went faster this year.  I must be getting older.

Music leading is really fulfilling and sort of funny too.  There are about 70 kids all together, counting the junior counselors as well as the little ones (2-7 year olds).  The kids just FREAK out over some songs, and I can never get enough of seeing them jump up and down and throw themselves on the floor (in joy of course).  The songs are mostly pretty goofy.  Many of them were from when I was a kid in the 70s.  Of course, I enjoy working in Beatles and my Irish staples.  This year’s theme was very easy to work stuff in because it was all about caring for creation.  Creation.   That is pretty broad, don’t you think?  Big hit for the week was A Place in the Choir.  It was very rewarding to have all the cute teenage junior counselors walking around humming, “some sing out loud on the telephone wire…” all day.

A friend took this picture and I really like it.  I think I like the flowers most of all.  I guess I just feel good about this work—- I waste a lot of time many days doing things that are stupid, but “A Place in the Choir” I can feel good about.