Music for Liturgy of the Word with Children

 Songs for Liturgical Seasons


Stay Awake

Lord Jesus Come

Sing during Advent or before prayer time.

Light One Candle

Sing during the lighting of the Advent wreath.

Bright Morning Star

Sing during Advent and Christmas.  Can also use hand gestures for “star”, “arising”, “day’s a breakin” and “soul”.

Come Lord Jesus

Sing during lighting the Advent wreath, at Christmas, and Epiphany.

The People Who Walked in Darkness


Mary Had A Baby

Sing during Advent and Christmas.  There are 11 verses that correspond with the Infancy Narratives (Annunciation, Nativity, Adoration of the Shepherds).

King of Kings

Sing during Advent and Christmas, especially at Epiphany.  Very effective with kids stomping rhythmically and jumping up and down.


Somebody’s Knocking at Your Door

Humble Yourself


The Light of Christ

This Little Light of Mine

Celtic Alleluia

More than just for mass!  Feel free to sing it during Easter and Ordinary time.

Any Time

Many of these songs are great as opening or closing songs!

Quiet Song

Circle Song

Seek Ye First

Giant Love Ball

For kids who want to jump and dance around.

I See The Love of God

Use this song throughout the year, especially when there are baptisms or new babies enter our families.

Jesus Loves Kristi

This is not a song just about how Jesus loves Kristi!  Use in place of a name game for small groups.

Simple Gifts

Peace Is Flowing Like a River


Use at the end of LOW as a blessing.

The Lord is My Shepherd

Use with the parables of the Good Shepherd and the Found Sheep.

God Is So Good

Celebrate God’s goodness all year long.

Demos Gracias Al Senor

This song is incredibly popular in Spanish speaking countries.

Thank You God

Use in the middle of LOW for kids to express thankfulness.  The old version says “Thank You Lord” whereas St Andrew tends to replace the Lord with “God”.

What Makes Love Grow

A song about being kind to others and making friends.

Peter and John Went to Pray