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What you missed out on at Thanksgiving!


A crazy sing along! Here’s a little sing along ditty that, if you listen really closely, you can even hear our Dad singing on! Fun times. Missed those of you who didn’t make it.

Happy New Year to you all.



Those Were the Days

Recording from Territorial Vineyards gig- Vocal & Bass!


Last night, I played a gig with Eric Richardson at Territorial Vineyards Tasting room. It has been a long time since I played with just a Bass player. We did some crazy tunes- here are 2 of them!


California Dreaming

Thanks to those who came out last night! It was a fun time!




More Music!


I have to say, this coming year I need to do more performing. I love it. Last night I got to sit in with a friend’s band at her gig- and we had such a good time. I need to get me one of them bands, and play, play, play. This will be my focus starting today.

As a musician, it’s often hard to find folks to play with. People are busy, working day jobs, have kids, have other things going on- it’s just the way it goes. So the dream of having a band that actually meets and rehearses, becomes polished, and really brings the music in a driving way is elusive. Please, wherever you are- take a moment and send this wish of mine into the Universe. Let it be!

Anyway- Lauren was running the mp3 recorder for me last night, and we got some fun tunes on it. So, enjoy with a forgiving ear (not a lot of rehearsal with this band).

Here’s to playing more music!


St. James Infirmary


Look for Me, I’ll be Around

Les Miserables and Me


Greetings! I have been freakin’ busy this summer doing a local production of Les Miserables in which I play a factory worker, a whore, a townsperson, a beggar, and a revolutionary. Eh- all in a day’s work.

I have learned so much by being in this production. Here are just a few bits of my newly acquired knowledge:

1) Theater makeup is INSANE. I learn so much from the seasoned professionals I share a dressing room with. Erica and her Taj-Ma-Tackle full of makeup one should probably never wear outside of a theater application, and all the women who have been doing shows far longer than I have. Here’s an example of strange makeup technique for theater- using white eyeliner/shadow to make your eyes look bigger. This is not something I would do for normal wear, but for the stage – it is awesome! Kim K. uses this technique- and, sure, she looks like a drag queen in the light of day


- but at night, your eyes look bigger- which is good because…

2) I’m freakin’ exhausted, and it’s hard to keep my eyes open. The whites of my eyes are red and tired looking after a few shows. Visine to the rescue! I also have been sleeping on my face because of a shoulder injury- so during the day, I use this technique before a show:



I use either rags soaked in coffee or green tea/chamomile bags. This with visine helps a little.

I have no idea how people do this that are traveling and doing 75 shows in 2 months, or the folks on Broadway that do 3 and 4 shows a weekend. I am about to find out this coming week, because we have 3 shows in a row. Crazy!

3) Internal process is a wonderful thing. The thinking that happens around an actor’s work on stage is what makes for meaningful theater. Why are you there? Who are you? What is your story? Even as a chorus member (the very pillar of musical theater!), I need to be in the head of my character. I love this challenge. Sometimes I am right there and things flow in an almost surreal way. I often wonder what really happened after a scene is over. Sometimes I am not in the pocket at all, and scenes feel forced and unnatural. I hope to work on this more and more until I find ways to get to that magical place with connecting with characters. It’s not easy going from being a factory worker to a whore in 3 minutes flat!

4) Somewhere inside of me, there is a bad-assed bitch who can take people DOWN. OK- yeah, so it’s stage-fighting, but it’s also strangely exhilarating!

The ring-leader- I get to take Fantine down and then blame her for it. Pure evil… it’s such fun!factory

P.S. In this factory scene I am wearing 3 skirts and a corset UNDER my factory worker dresses. That’s 5 dresses that I am wearing at one time- which may explain my blocky looking appearance. !

Wiping up the blood after the battle- this is ironically the same face I make while cleaning house…blood

Oh yeah, I was talking about things I have learned.

5) The chorus is like the rafters that support the roof. If the chorus doesn’t do their job to help build a scene, the leads can’t communicate the story either. So, no longer will I say, “I’m just chorus” in a dismissive way!

6) I want to do more theater, and possibly film acting as well. I am going to spend the fall and winter learning some dance, and getting in better shape- and we’ll see what happens! I may audition for a SHEDD musical next year if my skills are decent enough.

7) I have learned how much it means to me to have my family and friends support me in my craft. I am so incredibly touched by their willingness to show up and be a part of this exciting production experience. Words fail to express my gratitude! It makes me want to sing!singing

That’s it for now. Ingrid may be winning at the internet, but I am hoping to post more often as well. Not daily,and I certainly am nowhere near as cute as her kids, but check back here in a few weeks- and you might be pleasantly surprised… or not.


No she DIDN’T! Has she NO PRIDE?!



It’s true people. I am officially off my rocker. But hey, that’s what happens when you start getting older. You care less and less what people think of you!
So- I am 42 this week, on Wednesday- and because my daughter is a Taylor Swift fan, I decided to completely mortify her and do my own cover and lyrics for Taylor Swift’s song “22″. I call it “42″, and it’s a musical glimpse into the reality of my curious middle-aged existence. (Lyrics posted below recording)
Enjoy! And Happy Birthday to ME!



Here’s the song- click this link and crank it up! Prepare to ROCK! …or whatever people do now.

42 cover of Taylor Swift’s 22

“42” a parody of Taylor Swift’s hit “22”
By Kirstin Nusser

It feels like a perfect night
to fold some laundry
watch Downton Abbey
It feels like a perfect night
to drink some cheap wine
and read Jane Austen

Yeah- this middle age stuff really has me baffled
Somehow I’m someone’s mother
Oh yeah, tonight’s the night I’m in bed by 8:30
bed time

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42
read 50 Shades and Twilight, ’cause my friends told me to
You don’t know about me
Don’t think you need to
Everything will be alright if I just forget that I am 42
42, ooh, ooh, ooh

It seems like one of those nights,
the sink is crowded,
too many dishes, ah ah ah ah
It seems like one of those nights
I’ll ditch the whole thing, and end up reading
instead of cleaning!

Yeah- my life is kinda like a lifetime movie.
I post it all on facebook
oh yeah, I love to talk and drink tea with my girlfriends
it’s cool.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42
I drive a mini van, and, have got a lot to do
You don’t know about me- but I am sorta cool
I vote and pay my taxes,and I love NPR
I’m 42.

I’m still not sure just how
we’ll pay for college
I’m still not sure just how
I’ll use my knowledge
I’m still not sure just how
to deal with wrinkles
and I have wrinkles
acne and wrinkles!
Ooohhh- yeah, yeah , yeah

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42
Listen to rap and hip hop, that makes me super cool
You don’t know about me, but I kick it old school
Everything will be alright if I just forget that I am 42

It feels like one of those nights
to dress like drag queens,
It feels like one of those nights,
to hit the art scene
It feels like one of those nights,
let’s see that new play,
or go have dinner
heck let’s just stay home

Time to get political…


Greetings,my people! I bit the bullet and signed up to volunteer with the Obama campaign. My friend Leslie and I are going to be registering voters at UO on Thursday- and not a moment too soon. Is anyone out there following the comments made by Romney about 47% of Americans being freeloaders living off entitlement programs?
Does resenting half the US population make one unfit to represent the country? I think so! So -get out there and encourage everyone you know to vote in this upcoming election!

More tunes from my library for your listening enjoyment…


Hey all- I was just going through my old recordings and thought I would post a few here just for fun.

Deed I Do is from 1992 when I was singing with the Monday Night Big Band under the direction of Thara Memory. This recording is from the Jazz Festival in Vancouver, B.C. It was such an incredible thing to sing with a Big Band. I dearly hope to have that opportunity again!
01 Deed I Do

‘Aint No Sunshine is from The Eugene Celebration 2 years ago. Michael Jackson had just passed, and I wanted to do one of his tunes as a nod to his contributions to music. I love to do MJ covers in my gigs today, and this performance was super special because at the last moment Paul Biondi joined in with the group and blew everyone out of the water. At one point in this recording he is playing 2 saxes simultaneously- yes- it’s true. His sensitivity and horn lines made this performance pretty good- and with no rehearsals.
06 Aint no Sunshine

This last tune is from a patio jazz party that I had a few years back. TK Conrad on keys, Rich Platz on drums. There are a few tunes from Disney films that I think lend themselves to being good jazz covers. This is one of them.
03 Trust in Me


Couch to 5K update


Hi all! So, tomorrow is 4th of July and the Library 5k fundraiser run in Willamina. I’m washing my sweaty-gross sports bra and getting my final ipod playlist in order. It’s a crazy mix of everything from Estelle and Kanye West to Information Society, Depeche Mode and some Earth, Wind, and Fire. I did my final run on Sunday afternoon- and it went well- about 45 minutes. I’m a little nervous about the hill at the end. Whose bright idea was that?!

This process has been really illuminating. I started this program about 8+ weeks ago because I had reached a sort of plateau in my weight loss and realized that I probably needed to step up the activity. Running is a really effective way to expend lots of energy- so it’s been great. I’m not sure if I will continue running or not- we recently got a gym membership as part of an online deal where you could get a 3 month trial family membership for $44 for the whole summer. This place has an outdoor heated pool, and since our neighbor’s pool is not working- this filled the need for a place to swim that wouldn’t cost a fortune. I may try to work out on actual machine-thingees and see what that is like. Come the rainy season, it may be useful to know how to do that. Don’t worry, I’ll ask Jim to show me how to use the machines- I am too worried I will be like the person in the comedy films who bites it on the treadmill.

As of today I have lost 45lbs. It’s pretty damn empowering to set yourself to a task and actually achieve results. Tomorrow, I’m not going to be the fastest, will probably be the slowest- but I am going to finish it even if I have to walk that hill at the end. I have no one to impress, but I am impressed with myself. So- even if the Sheridan sun publishes finishing times and mine is at the bottom of the list- that will be OK with me. This has been a fabulous journey and a great learning experience.

Springfield Museum Garden Tour 2102 live recordings


TK and I played the Garden Tour this past weekend, and recorded 2 tunes. Enjoy!
With These Hands
Calling You

Couch to 5k- every (other) day I’m shufflin’…


I thought I would post an update here about my Couch to 5k progress. I’m still at it- but man, do I hate running. This being “Track Town USA”, I am also frequently “lapped” by old people with amazing legs, or young people who are most likely running for UO. Still, Eugene has wonderful bark paths, and I am still at it. I started week 4 today, where the intervals increase to 90 seconds walking and 5 minutes (Lord, help me!) of running. There are a few logistical things I have figured out in these short 3 weeks. Here they are:
1) There is no cheaping out in the sports bra department- either you invest in a solid piece of engineering, or you will be in pain.
2) Pants and shorts with pockets that zip are a must. The pesky ipod problem, where to put the car key, and the license (in case I collapse)- all these are solved by a lovely zippered pocket.
3) The right podcast music is important! I mentioned the podcast at, but I used one today that was mostly new wave music from the 80s. It was awesome- pet shop boys, alphaville- it really kept me going, though I kept looking around for a crowd of german exchange students.
4) The first time I do anything more challenging is hard. Then the 2nd time it’s easier, just by a little bit. It helps to remind myself of this when I feel like my lungs are on fire, and I want to quit.
5) Doing something active on off-days helps the c25k be less painful.

Well- that’s my journey thus far. I feel pretty good- but I know I look like hell while I’m doing the intervals- and that’s ok. I’m doing something that is outside of my realm of considered activities, and I am sticking with it. I’m no runner, and I don’t think this will turn me into one. I don’t know if I will run the 4th of july 5k, or just Fartlek it, or walk it. It doesn’t really matter to me- I’m proud of my progress with this personal challenge. I am finding that setting a goal and having the discipline to work at it consistently is really rewarding.

Jim leaves for the Canyonlands today- he is off for a reunion trip with some of his guy friends from UO. He’ll be gone for over a week! I am going to hope that I can harness some of that discipline, and organize our home office area. I may even post a before and after picture. Yes, it’s that bad. Wish me luck!

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