Knickers on the Line

Notes from a Magniloquent Mama

Surrounded by crazy Norwegians- throw me a line!


What is it about Norwegians?

This morning I went to my very first aqua aerobics class and was simply introducing myself to a kindly woman, and she got this beatific look on her face and said “A good Norwegian name!”. When I told her I was named after Kristin Labransdatter, she looked like her head would explode from the joy.  She immediately called to another friend in the pool (also Norwegian) who came swimming over to me like a hungry shark, then another Norwegian woman came over. Pretty soon they are talking about their cousins, their latest trip to the mother-land, their grandma-ma’s cooking- and asking me questions about whether I had ever been to places that all kind of sounded the same and had some kind of significance to all the bobbing heads. When they finally stopped talking and I told them I didn’t think I was very Norwegian,or at all Norwegian.  I’m pretty sure we are russian and french and maybe iroquois-and my mom was just reading the book and liked the name. They decided to leave me alone, and resume their friendly, but swim-offish ways.

I have often thought that it would be fun to belong to a group of people who are so tied to their culture. You could eat cafelta fish without people looking at you funny, attend pow-wows without feeling apologetic, throw out a few slang terms in your native tongue just to show everyone that you really belong.

For a moment though I was almost a Norwegian- American, and it was kind of fun.

Et trana di, kukhode!





I have been encouraged to join the blog-o-sphere, so here I am! You may be wondering what is up with the crazy title of my blog. Allow me to explain myself… or don’t- it’s my blog, I can do whatever I wish here!

Blogs are strange, really. The Atlantic Monthly (ding!points for pretention!) referred to blogging as,”the extreme sports of writing.”, where anything goes, and all that really matters is how dirty and bloody we get in the process of expressing our energy. I see blogging in a slightly different way. I think that people are so overwhelmed by the business and busy-ness of their lives that they crave the intimate sort of sharing that used to be done around the quilt frame. Because we have this communication tool, we often use it to share things that people are surprised to hear from us. In many ways, blogging is like hanging your knickers on a clothesline for the world to see- hence, the title of my new blog! 

Most people have the good sense to hang only the knickers out that make others think, or laugh, or question reality. We hang the granny pants and suck-me-in panties in the closet- and save the blog for the racier, more interesting stuff. Why shouldn’t we take a cue from Madison avenue and tell people how to see us? That is part of the thrill of blogging- actually putting out into the world what you are thinking & feeling while considering the reactions of your passive viewer. 

I have enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you all in a different way. So, I am going to *selectively* hang my knickers on the line. I look forward to hearing from you all!underwearclothesline