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Things that make no sense…


Lauren is at a sleep-over tonight, and Jim is off at mass- so Sonja and I read books on the couch. At the end of our reading time, I thought I would start one of those conversations with your child that communicates: “I am so interested in your experience of the world- and I honor it, and want to know more about what it is like to be you”. So I asked, “What’s fun about being Sonja?”. She giggled a little and replied, ” My spit tastes kind of like watermelon juice- that’s funny. It’s also good”.

I’m so glad I took the time to pursue the understanding of my youngest child. It’s incredible what you learn when you know how to ask the right questions!

Keeping the flame alive in your marriage- advice from a 6 year old and a 9 year old


This is so funny I had to share it before I forgot- so here is the advice my kids were giving out this evening when we were talking about marriage (for what reason, I do not know).

Advice for married people:

- Kiss on the lips once a day to keep your marriage going (at least!)

- Eat lots of avocados (oooh- I like this one!)

Advice for wives: 

- Clean the house so when your husband comes home his eyes twinkle and he goes bazookas. (note: I have tried this and it doesn’t work)

- Go on a weekly hike or trip with your husband

- Make sure your husband has clean clothes so he doesn’t wear spaghetti stains to work


Advice for Husbands:

-Make sure your wife is happy and not stressed out by the mess you are leaving when you go to work

- put your laundry away before you go play games with your buddies

- Do a dip when you do the tango

- Fix everything that breaks

- Listen to the Capitol Steps together and kiss (giggle, giggle)

OK- So this list illustrates for me that by being an at-home mom, I have succeeded in making our life a fricken 50s Leave it to Beaver home. This worries me for what my girls think about women who stay home. Clean the house so your husband goes bazookas? Yikes! I think in order to restore balance to their thinking that I ought to take up small engine repair as a hobby or something. I can fix things too!

I did get a kick out of their suggestions though- it illustrates for me that the kids are paying a little bit of attention (especially the laundry before playing games with buddies thing).

Does anyone out there have advice for me on helping my children develop a more balanced idea of what marriage can and should be? I’d appreciate your suggestions- until I hear back from y’all, I’m going to keep kissing my hubby on the lips and eating avocados. I love Jim! And Avocados!


Great lyrics from a 6 year old song writer


“How long do I have to keep working? I have been working all day!”, “How do you spell doot doot doot doot. Should I do this in my jazzy voice or my big loud voice?”

My 6 year old has started expressing herself through song- and it’s pretty darn funny. The above example should be my anthem- I’m sure they don’t work her real hard at kindergarten, AND she gets 2 recesses. So- here is my song:

How much laundry do I have to do? How much cleaning ’til my day is through? How many errands, how many must I run? How many hours ‘ til my day is done? Doot, doot, doot, doot.

I’m glad my child is writing songs to help her process the grueling experience of being a child of 6. I think she deserves extra points for including the word doot in her lyric as well. It’s so wonderfully reminiscent of Mel Torme- and I’m so proud!

Crack that whip, parents! It’ll inspire great creative angst in your children- and they’ll thank you for it later- after many years of therapy…