New boy on the block!

by on May.10, 2009, under Family Correspondence

Hi!  I’m Stan.

This is my first blog. Ever! I’ve really enjoyed the family blogs. With the help of Ben I have an account and can now start submitting my thoughts for better or worse :)

Hope to have fun with this.


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  • ben

    We are all excited to see what you have in store for us!

  • Laura

    Welcome Dad! I am happy to see you in internet land. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  • stan

    Thanks for the Welcome. I admit to some hesitation and feeling a little intimidated by the creativity and originality of the other bloggers when my life in retirement is pretty much one mundane day after another. (Who wants to hear about great tomatoes or beautiful squash soup?) Nancy has informed me that this exercise is simply a catalog of my thoughts and not a competitive foot race. So I will endeavor to read and enjoy the blogs of others more often and maybe stick a tentative oar in now and then.
    Love, Dad

  • stan

    Thanks for your help, Ben! Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to share pictures with the family. Please note that I was even able to reply to comments. :) (I haven’t figured out emoticons yet, though.)

    Rick and I had an amazingly lucky day with RV repairs. I removed the hookup to the auxillary LP tank without instructions, leaks or blowups. We installed the belt that connects the generator/alternator pully to the fan pully and others without a hitch. I’m a firm believer in the axiom that “There ain’t nothing easy in mechanics – especially for amateurs.” This time it “wern’t (sic) true. We held our breaths and waited for disaster to happen. But the old girl started up and began charging the battery right away. Rick took no chances, however, and he hopped in drove it home on the spot. We are indebted to you for leaving it clean and tidy. You will have to try using it sometime when the weather is warm and fine and continual heating is not required. Maybe then you can feel comfortable in raising the blinds to let in the gentle Oregon sunshine (;)).
    Love, Dad.

  • Laura

    I agree with mom… it is not a competition. Also, it is much what I tell my kids, you just can’t compare your art or drawings to other people’s… we all have our own style. I was a bit hung up on other excellent blogs when I started too, but forgot it and went off on my own. You might think that your life is boring, but really, it’s not. I am sure that you have deep thoughts or curiosities that you can share. I happen to know one of your latest troubles, which are the skunk that live (and spray) under your house. I think that would be interesting to hear about.

  • Laura

    Hey, I want to hear about the soup!

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