2009 Parmeter Christmas Photos

by on Dec.29, 2009, under Photos

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  • Laura

    Great photos! I especially like the ones of Grandma in Beaverton. She is beautiful! I really like the one where she looks as if she is laughing hard. :)

  • Joyce

    Your best pictures were of Wilma. The one where she is laughing is delightful. We’ll have to consider designating a space for pictures in the future as that was a great thing to do. Your entry into blogsville is giving me one more place I have to check…. it’s great fun but I get a little worried about the time it takes to check in.

  • Joyce

    Wow! I think these are really great. It must have been the light guy. Most of them could use a little color tweeking in photoshop but all digital photos generally can.
    Good Job.

  • Ingrid

    These are great Uncle Stan! Especially the ones of Grandma. Wow!

  • stan

    Thanks for the Attaboys and constructive comments. You’re right about the light and the light guy (:)). Truly. I’m going to have experiment and learn about handling white balance and lighting for indoor shots. I’ll go back and tweek some of the shots in photoshop – maybe even convert some to black and white. I seem to get better results when I eliminate color. Stan

  • stan

    Thanks for your comments. Tuyen did a great job with Mothers’ clothes, hair and makeup. The natural light and Mothers’ cooperation did the rest.

  • stan

    I agree. In my limited experience with portraits, I have found that sometimes there’s magic in the moment. Mother really looked great. Tuyen created a little majic herself, with hair and clothes. Mother responded to compliments and the natural light did the rest. The proof was in the pudding (Mixed metaphors :( ) and was, indeed, fun. I enjoyed taking the pictures of everyone. Taking family pictures once a year might make an interesting chronological story. Thanks for your comments. Stan

  • stan

    Thanks for your compliments! Others have commented favorably on the images of Mother as well. She looked great on this day and magic happened.

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