Another techie post…

Bad News: Gallery is broken again. I know, you are totally frustrated by it, right? Honestly, why does this keep happening? I’ve reached my wits end with this software and it may be time to ditch it for something more robust and simple to use. Is there anything else out there? If you have any ideas internet, let me know. In the meantime, sorry about the busted gallery.

Good News: I’ve been having difficulty with Bittorrent ever since I installed DD-WRT (v23 SP2) on my Linksys Wireless Router. For some strange reason, every time I run Bittorrent, Suzy’s wireless connection on her laptop slows to a crawl and eventually stops working entirely. This has severely hampered my downloading habits – which for me has been pretty painful. Initially I had searched the internets for a solution, but came up with nothing. After that first attempt, I gave up and just stopped using Bittorrent altogether. Yesterday, I decided to give the debug effort another shot and discovered a forum post which pointed to a potential fix. They suggested turning off the DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) in the client application which potentially can overload the router. Sure enough, that was the trick. After disabling the DHT, we’re back in business and I’m currently ratcheting up a my ratios again. Woot!

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