I’ve discovered the wonderful world of single board computers.  More specifically, Raspberry Pi and the universe of different models and stuff that goes along with them.  I was first inspired to buy one for a garage door opener project, but I will get to that one a little bit later.  After I have enough time to put my thoughts into words, that is.


I’ve now gotten three different little Raspberry Pi computers in my house.  Two of which I have already put to work doing something useful and one that I’m still tinkering with.  I also picked up the Pine64 single board computer from their kickstarter campaign, but haven’t had much time to put it through its paces.  Frankly, it’s impressive, but not as mature as the Raspberry Pi.  I never thought I would be enjoying these little $35 boards so much, but darn it if they aren’t scratching some kind of latent nerdy itch that I have deep down inside.  


With that said, I’m going to have a few posts landing here in the (hopefully) near future, that document some of my projects / tinkering with this mini-powerhouses.  A sampling of what’s to come?  As mentioned before, the garage door opener project (my first), Raspberry Pi as an OpenVPN server, and more!  


As always, stay tuned.  

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