PSA: Hurrah for the internet again!  I’m the recent owner of a new vehicle with Bluetooth integration in the stereo system.  While I was eager to get everything up and running, connecting my Android smartphone to my car, it wasn’t without a hitch.  Hilariously, each time I started the car the Bluetooth would connect and start playing music from my phone with no interaction from me at all.  Strangely enough, this feature doesn’t automatically route the audio to the speakers in the car – and instead will default to whatever you were listening to prior (like radio, or satellite or CD, etc.).  In those situations, my phone is happily playing random music in my collection, but I may be completely unaware of this.  Not great for battery life on a smart phone to say the least.

Just speculation on my part, but it seems that these car stereo units are developed such that they will effectively press the “play” button to connect to your device initially.  Unfortunately, for us Android users, this gets immediately routed to the app that is currently handling the Bluetooth media buttons.  Your app will likely dutifully do as told and start playing Slayer at full volume on your device.

After a brief search, I stumbled across a few smart individuals on the Android forums who discovered a free app that is perfectly suited to solve the problem.  It’s called Media Button Router (Google Play Link) and unsurprisingly does exactly as it’s title suggests.  The app will, instead of routing the button press directly to the default music application, it will let you choose which application you’d like to route it to.  And if you don’t select one in a certain period of time (this is easily modifiable in the settings) it will default to ignore the button press altogether.  Problem solved.

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  1. Thanks! This was a great help and solved a very annoying problem.

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